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Caught the eye

August 4, 2010

Here are a few articles things that have caught my eye….

A man’s best friend?

“Dog chews off owner’s foot, owner finds diabetes in its place” – Not a long lost episode of Lassie, but a story of one man, his dog, and his inability to see a doctor about a funky foot.
chew on this…

Cats, Marijuana, And The Best News Freeze Frame Ever

From the Huffington Post, one of those great news screenshots.
meow for more….

Careful about the picture you use on your articles

Where the picture didn’t compliment the article, or have anything to do with it.
see it here…

People of Wal-Mart

There is a place where style forgot, or took on a whole new meaning and direction. Whatever route it took here’s a peak into that world
super stylin’…

Björk’s ReacTable

Imagine what the synth pioneers in the 80’s could have done with this.
electric dreams…

“When donkeys fly!”

Many ass jokes can be made here….many….
fly my pretty…

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  1. August 5, 2010 09:09

    “The dog is a prick with teeth.”


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