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Favourite Cookbooks

December 15, 2009

cook books   Recently I was asked the question ‘what are your favourite cook books?’. I could only think of a few at the time, so now I’m sitting next to my book shelf here’s a few more (in no particular order):

  • The Silver Spoon:Calls itself the bible of Italian cooking. It’s certainly concise, and very easy to follow. Plenty of recipes in here that range from ice creams to roasts.
  • Larousse Gastronomique:Information on all ingredients and techniques. This is and is the cook’s bible, which concentrates mainly on French cooking. I usually use it as a reference, and have picked up some great tips especially with sauces.
  • The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking (Marcella Hazan): Probably my favourite Italian cook book. Marcella is like the grandmother of Italian home cooking, and her recipes are really easy to follow and provide the right amount of background information.
  • The Gate Easy Vegetarian Cookbook: The cookbook from The Gate restaurant in Hammersmith. It has great salads, and provides great recipes when you need a veg hit.
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