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The cheeseboard

October 26, 2009

Many people only put a second thought to their cheese boards, and that’s if they bother to have them. In their shopping trolley they may throw in some sort of 5 lb chunk of cheddar that is labeled ‘mild’, with the ‘mature’ cheddar being far too adventurous. Some water crackers may be served with the great lump of cheese that’s been cut up so as to fit as much of the lump as possible onto each cracker. This generally requires more than one bight to eat each serving, usually three. The result is always the same – wishing you had’ve downed it in one to get it over and done with to please the host.

There’s much more I can say on this – I haven’t even started on the extras that are added such as pineabble or olives. I’ll save that for the post on what not do do with the cheese board. I’ll continue on with what I usually do with a cheese board, which you may think deserves to be on your ‘what not to do list’, but not mine.

I like a varied choice of cheeses to be on my cheese board. These variations may include the following:
Soft unpasteurised cheese
I usually go for an Epoisses, which is an unpasteurised cows milk cheese from France.
A mature and fresh goats cheese is usually chosen. You really can’t go past the ones by Alex James – the Little Wallop and Farleigh Wallop. I usually grab whatever fresh goat’s cheese is in the store as well.
My favourite blue cheese for the moment has to be one made once again by Alex James – Blue Monday
Hard cheese
I can be quite varied with my choice here. A montgomerie cheddar never goes wrong. Morbier from France adds a change – it’s a cow’s milk with a vein of vegetable ash through the middle.

So there’s just a few cheeses I like to place on my cheese board. Most of my choices aren’t popular with some (most) people. I tend to be asked to cover up a few cheeses quite quickly. Especially if the Epoisses is at it’s optimum ripeness. Another cheese I’ve actually had a friend who’s a scientist tell me I really shouldn’t be eating a rind that was black. Tasted all right to me….

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